It’s time to get more women in cyber – here’s how.

two women working in a tech setting

Written by Enza Alexander, ISA Cybersecurity’s Executive Vice President. There’s a push on to recognize September 1 as International Women in Cyber Day. I fully support this initiative: women are significantly under-represented in the cybersecurity industry, and anything we can do to raise awareness and close the gender gap is going to pay dividends. A November 2020 […]

5 Security Challenges & 5 Cyber Risks for Fintech

5 Cybersecurity Challenges & Risks for Fintech Title with hand holding mobile phone with finance app open

The use of fintech – a catch-all term for any financial sector technology that’s used to digitize or streamline traditional financial services – is widespread today. Like most technologies, fintech introduces benefits through efficiency, but also creates potential operational risks at the same time.  Fintech concepts have been around for decades, but fintech as we know it today rose from […]

ISA Cybersecurity and Proofpoint join forces to deliver email “security-as-a-service”

TORONTO, Ontario, August 3, 2021: ISA Cybersecurity today announced that it is now delivering Proofpoint’s industry-leading secure email solutions as a managed service offering. A first in the Canadian marketplace, this partnership will bring affordable, best-in-class email security solutions to companies of all sizes, right across the country. ISA Cybersecurity’s enterprise-grade and field-proven cloud security […]

World Health Day 2021 & Cybersecurity

women in green protective robe answering call in healthcare clinic

April 7, 2021 is World Health Day. As we move well into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, our safety and well-being continues to be a priority for all of us. Unfortunately, for cyber attackers, healthcare is top of mind for a very different reason: financial gain. Over the past several months, it may […]

ISA Threat Brief: SUNBURST – SolarStorm Hack

What happened at SolarWinds? On Monday, December 14, SolarWinds Inc. published a statement advising that selected SolarWinds® Orion® Platform software builds have been compromised. A cyberattack on their systems inserted a vulnerability into versions 2019.4 HF 5, 2020.2 with no hotfix installed, or 2020.2 HF 1. The compromise appears to have been created by cyber attackers who quietly tampered […]

The Crucial Role of GRC in Cybersecurity

GRC – governance, risk, and compliance – is playing an increasingly important role in the operations of many organizations. Today we’ll discuss what GRC is, and how it can help support your cybersecurity infrastructure.  The concept of formal GRC evolved in the early 2000s after a number of high-profile corporate bankruptcies drove the need for improved […]

Fraud in the Online Gaming Industry

This is part of our Humans of Cyber initiative, a series of in-depth interviews with key figures and leaders of the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem. In mid-October, we presented a high-level look at some of the cybersecurity issues affecting the online gaming industry. For part two of the discussion, we spoke with Neumann Lim, the Director of Digital Forensics […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020 Reflections

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As Cyber Security Awareness Month draws to a close, we thought we would take some time to reflect on the past month. There were hard times over the past 31 days, with major cyber attacks felt in the legal sector (Seyfarth Shaw), pharma (Dr. Reddy Laboratories), steel (Stelco), software (Software AG), health sector (Dickinson County […]

Kevin Speaks at The Ontario Bar Association

OBA Panel

ISA’s President and CEO Kevin Dawson was featured in “Privacy Across Borders”, a webcast held by the Privacy and Access to Information Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) on Thursday, September 17, 2020. Kevin was invited to participate in a panel that anchored a day of discussion about privacy and data protection across […]


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