Cyber Incident
Readiness Services

Improve your defenses and preparedness to handle a cyber incident effectively.

Proactive Defenses to be Ready for Anything

The main goal of our cyber incident readiness services is to help you reduce the risk of data breaches, system compromises, and other cyber threats, while also ensuring you’re well-prepared to respond quickly and efficiently when incidents do happen.

Working with your internal teams, we evaluate your defensive posture and cybersecurity program to confirm your areas of strength and highlight areas for improvement.

Our investigation methodology is based on NIST and SANS incident handling frameworks. This includes host- and network-based analysis for a comprehensive assessment of the environment.

Common Threats

How prepared is your organization against these common types of cyber threat?


Malicious programs that can damage and disrupt your systems


Hackers lock your data and systems and demand a ransom to release them

Denial of service (DDoS) attack

Your websites and systems are flooded with traffic, causing service disruptions and outages


Your users are tricked into clicking bad links or disclosing sensitive information

Business email compromise (BEC)

Hackers impersonate real users through email, leading to fraud or data theft

Flexible Services to Fit Your Needs

We offer a suite of services tailored to fit your specific needs, timelines, and budget, including:

Penetration testing &
red/purple team engagements

Response playbook development

Vulnerability management and assessments

Incident response plan development

Comprehensive preparedness assessments

Moderated tabletop exercise

The Power of Preparedness

Actionable findings

Clear, prioritized recommendations give you the guidance to start making key improvements right away.

Tailored reports

Your report is customized to your environment, and expertly mapped to industry standards and best practices.

Improved readiness

Implementing best practices, tactics and strategies will improve your compliance posture, and strengthen the trust relationship with staff, customers, partners, and investors.

Understanding How to Respond to a Cyber Incident

Managing a cybersecurity incident is more than just an IT issue – it’s a major team effort. Legal, HR, Communications, Finance, and Operations teams must all work together with technical personnel and cyber experts to respond successfully.

Hear about best practices and emerging trends for businesses in dealing with an attack in this Incident Response 360 discussion featuring cyber, legal, insurance and government experts.

Incident Response for Ontario

The Cyber Incident Management Program for Ontario Municipalities (CIMOM) launched in partnership with Local Authority Services (LAS) in 2023. The CIMOM program provides Ontario municipalities with access to quick, effective, and orderly response to cybersecurity incidents.

The program has three retainer levels and offers expert support in assessing, identifying, containing, and eradicating cyber threats – and providing “lessons learned”, post-incident.

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