Information & Event
Management (SIEM)

Empower your defense, rapidly detect security incidents.

Why is a SIEM Essential?

In an era of ever-evolving cyber threats, a SIEM solution is your ally in delivering the knowledge and tools needed to help safeguard your organization’s critical assets. SIEM tools provide the real-time insights and historical analysis that can empower your teams to proactively defend against emerging threats against both your cloud and on-premises environments.

Why You Need a SIEM, Today

A compliance must-have

Many compliance and regulatory frameworks require the implementation and management of a SIEM solution. Most cyber insurance underwriters also demand a SIEM - without one, you could face increased premiums or even denial of coverage.

Forensic analysis and reporting

A SIEM provides reliable forensic data for incident investigation - isolated log storage prevents tampering, and reporting features help you investigate, contain, and remediate incidents quickly.

Early detection of cyber incidents

A SIEM aggregates and correlates log data from across the enterprise in real time, so it can provide early detection of potential cyber attack and to allow you to intervene before the damage is done.

Centralized network insights

A SIEM gives you a single pane of glass to identify unexpected system behaviours that can indicate misconfiguration, inefficiencies, or other system problems.

The ISA Cybersecurity Difference

24/7/365 Service Support

We’re your partner, not just another vendor. You’ll be assigned a Dedicated Tier 2 Cybersecurity Analyst and Service Delivery Manager to ensure the high quality of service delivery and continuous improvement.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Our SOC has unparalleled physical security capabilities and a multi-tenant cloud offering powered by an industry leading SIEM technology solutions with complete redundancy at the collection, management and data layers. Plus, we use Canadian data centres.

Flexible Consumption Model

Whether you need professional implementation services, ongoing managed services for your SOC, or a fully hosted turnkey solution, we can help. Our focus is on solving your security challenges in the manner that best fits your business

Specialized Use Cases

Gain full visibility into your environment leveraging our robust library of hundreds of specialized use cases–always growing to cover the expanding threat landscape. Plus, we have extensive experience in developing bespoke connectors for custom applications. These factors reduce deployment time and hassle.

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