Threat Protection

Keep your critical assets and infrastructure secure. 

Protecting Your Data, Assets, Platforms, People

Today’s cyber threats can come from anywhere – from outside the organization or from within; a directed attack, a threat actor capitalizing on a zero-day vulnerability, or an innocent mistake creating chaos. 


Our goal is to help protect you. After a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of all the cyber threats faced by your organization, we’ll provide you with the resources to mitigate those risks. The scope of our services is vast – we can focus on one area of potential vulnerability, or work with your team to develop a complete threat protection review.

How We Can Help You

Data Security

- Data loss prevention techniques and technologies
- Database security
- Cryptographic and PKI services

Storage Security

- Protecting your physical and virtual storage
- Providing secure media destruction services

Application Security

- Application security patterns
- Web application firewalls
- Cryptographic services
- Application security

Platform Security

Assess and ensure virtual integrations don’t threaten the integrity of your in-house systems.

- Platform hardening
- File integrity monitoring
- Peripheral security
- Server and endpoint protection

Network Security

Comprehensive security for every aspect of your network, including:

- Network protection
- Routing/switching security
- Virtual private networks (VPNs)
- DDoS protection
- Protocol security
- Network-malware protection
- Web gateway security
- Email security
- Secure file exchange services

People Security

- Security awareness training
- Security training coordination
- Employee screening services

Access Controls

- Identity Management
- Access governance
- Credential management
- Strong authentication
- Privileged access management (PAM)
- Network / cloud access control

The Benefits of Our Threat Protection Services

Secure data drives business.

Downtime hurts businesses. Prevent it by protecting your intellectual property, customer information, and financial data from cyber threats. We’ll help you shore up your systems and mitigate any risks posed to your data to make sure you’re open for business - all the time.

Protect your brand.

A single data breach can ruin your organization's reputation. Our threat protection services help safeguard your crown jewels while preserving customer and brand trust.

Flexible service packages to match your needs.

Threat protection services are offered individually or as a bundle. Our offerings give you the confidence that your systems are secure from internal and external threats.

The ISA Cybersecurity Difference

Over 30 years of experience delivering cybersecurity services and solutions

Recognized as a “Major Player” by IDC MarketScape: Canadian Security Services

Specialists in security, compliance, and privacy frameworks like CMMC, NIST, NERC, SOX, CPPC, GDRP, COSO, ISO2701, ISA27001, CISSP, CISM and many more

We measure success by the degree to which our customers stay cyber secure

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