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Helping You Navigate Compliance so You Can Focus on Your Business

Today’s businesses are exposed to an increasing number of sophisticated threats and risks that require effective, informed cyber leadership and management. In 2022 alone, there was a worldwide average of 16 ransomware attacks per second.* It is more important than ever to build security into every aspect of your organization through modern risk identification, vulnerability mitigation, reliable data protection, and fulfillment of legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

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Cyber Architecture

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The Benefits of Our GRC Services

Ensure business continuity.

We’ll strategically align your cybersecurity-related initiatives with your business objectives to make sure all policies and oversight mandates support your goals. We’ll shape and scope your security investment decisions and provide a clear action plan for cybersecurity improvements that keep your business protected now and into the future.

Minimize your exposure to risks.

Our experts will identify, assess and document your current risk posture. We prioritize your highest risks - from gaps in your own security infrastructure to exposures through third-party vendors and supply-chain partners. We’ll then help you improve and sustain your risk mitigation efforts to make sure your response efforts are quick and effective.

Compliance is good for your bottom line.

Reap the rewards of being compliant. From reduced insurance costs to happier returning customers, adhering to your industry's compliance requirements saves you time and money in the long run. Our experts will help you reduce your risks of data breaches, business disruptions, regulatory fines, and costly litigation by ensuring your organization is meeting its compliance obligations.

The ISA Cybersecurity Difference

Over 30 years of experience delivering cybersecurity services and solutions.

Recognized as a “Major Player” by IDC MarketScape: Canadian Security Services.

Specialists in security, compliance, and privacy frameworks like CMMC, NIST, NERC, SOX, CPPC, GDRP, COSO, ISO2701, ISA27001, CISSP, CISM and many more.

We measure success by the degree to which our customers stay cyber secure.

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