Threat and Risk
Assessment Services

Understand the level of risk your assets are facing

What is a Threat and Risk Assessment?

A Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) determines the threat sensitivity of your digital assets, the controls in place, residual vulnerabilities, and the various threats to your environment.

It helps you determine the level of risk faced by your assets, and it will recommend the appropriate level of protection to mitigate those risks.

When Should You Perform a TRA?

It’s best practice to conduct a TRA if you are adding new assets, applications or systems to your environment, making modifications to your existing environment, or sharing information with third-party entities. A TRA can help you prevent exposing your business to undue cyber risk that can affect your reputation and bottom line.

Protect Your Data and Enhance Security Program ROI

Improve the effectiveness of your controls

Understand the effectiveness of existing and proposed controls. Know the residual vulnerabilities of your assets, and leverage our recommendations to lower risk of threats.

Demonstrate cyber competency

Provide visibility of your organization’s cybersecurity posture to senior management, your board, external stakeholders, regulators, and clients. Your TRA details will be documented in a structured data-risk repository.

Plan for the future

Enhance your ROI of the security programs you have in place by assessing their effectiveness through our TRA service. The recommendations can be leveraged to prioritize future actions and improve your risk management programs and cybersecurity posture.

Our Approach to Threat and Risk Assessments


Asset Evaluation

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Assessment


• Purpose and Scope Definition
• Solution Description

• Scope
• Asset Inventory
• Statement of Sensitivity

• List of Threats and
• List of Controls
• Recommendations

• Risk Table and Map

• Risk Recommendations, Report
• Prioritized Roadmap

Integrated Risk Assessment Process

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