Endpoint Detection
& Response (EDR)

Protecting your organization with early detection of potential threats.

What is EDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) refers to a category of security solutions aimed at detecting, investigating, and mitigating potential security incidents on individual devices or endpoints within a network. EDR solutions typically collect and analyze endpoint data (including system events, user behaviour, file activity, network traffic, etc.) to identify signs of malicious activities or advanced threats. EDR tools help organizations improve their threat detection and response capabilities, enabling them to detect and respond to cyber threats targeting their endpoints rapidly.

An effective EDR is essential to your business: as many as 90% of successful cyber attacks and 70% of successful data breaches originate at endpoint devices.*

Managed EDR Helps You Focus on Your Business

Our experts will continuously monitor your laptops, workstations, and servers watching for suspicious or malicious activity, and provide detailed, real-time insight to help you understand the nature and extent of the potential threat.

It’s a cost-effective way to enhance your security posture without the need for significant investments in hardware, software, and skilled personnel. Best of all, with our rapid deployment, we can get you up and running in just days – not weeks or months.

The Benefits of Managed EDR (MEDR) with ISA Cybersecurity

Fully managed solution providing reliability, resiliency, and accessibility

Continuous threat detection, malware containment, and data breach protection

Uninterrupted, real-time visibility into the status of your endpoints

Next-gen AI that provides superior analysis and protection for your systems

Reduced cost and admin work load that lets you focus on your business priorities

Flexible Managed EDR Options

We have three standard service levels with offerings
that can be customized to best fit your needs and budget.


Perfect for customers with dynamic needs, heavier compliance requirements, or requiring advanced threat hunting capabilities to complement manged EDR


Ideal for customers with more complex environments demanding more reporting and device control


The choice for customers looking for a simple turnkey solution and the peace of mind of 24x7x365 monitoring and industry-best response times

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