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What is a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)?

Planning a new project, implementing a new system, or embarking on a new business venture? New initiatives are exciting times for your organization, but may introduce challenges when it comes to the privacy of the personally identifiable information (PII) entrusted to you by your customers, staff, and other stakeholders. ISA Cybersecurity’s Privacy Impact Assessment services help by identifying the potential impacts that a new project, system, process, strategy, policy, business relationship, or other initiative may bring.

Helping Clients Meet Their Privacy Requirements

Our guidance respects federal, provincial or state laws,
and follows your preferred compliance frameworks including;

What You Can Expect to Walk Away With

Documented privacy-related threat scenarios

Privacy classification schema including ratings for predictability, manageability, and disassociability

Impact ratings for assets

Control effectiveness ratings

Severity/exposure ratings

Risk level ratings

Elevating Your Data Security

Deliver a safer, better experience

Improve the confidence of your stakeholders by addressing potential privacy landmines. Deliver a secure, streamlined experience for your customers, staff, and other stakeholders.

Privacy by design

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting the privacy of personal information. Confirm your legal authority and business need to collect, use, retain and disclose personal information.

Improved resilience and risk management

Be proactive. Address gaps identified in the assessment and improve your means of preventing and responding to data breaches. Avoid the potential legal, financial, and reputational consequences of a privacy breach.

Our Winning Approach to Privacy Impact Assessments



Together we’ll define the scope of your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), including common definitions and metrics. We’ll then develop a work plan and methodology to complete the assessment based on your requirements.


Privacy Program and Compliance Analysis

A thorough assessment of information and privacy governance structures including accountability, roles, and responsibilities is conducted. Business relationships and agreements with business partners, vendors and clients to identify governance processes are then reviewed. We’ll determine the adequacy of your policies and procedures including privacy policies, collection and consent, breach and audit protocols.


Identify Privacy Gaps and Risks

Strengths, weaknesses, and gaps with the organization’s relevant privacy principles are identified. Where appropriate, these are ranked and rated to the relevant threat scenarios and risks. A risk registry, complete with summaries and areas for tactical and strategic remediation will be created.


Deliver Results

Key findings – including prioritized recommendations based on the PIA or PRA and the organization’s risk management assertions – are documented in a formal report and presented to all necessary team members.

The ISA Cybersecurity Difference

Develop a privacy risk register with documented risk summaries and suggested remediations.

The PIA will be customized to fit your privacy needs based on industry standards and best practices.

Over 30 years of experience delivering cybersecurity services.

We measure success by the degree to which our customers stay cyber secure.

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