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Cybersecurity decisions that align with your business goals.

Today’s businesses are exposed to an increasing number of sophisticated threats and risks that need to be identified, addressed, and managed properly. In 2022 alone, there was a worldwide average of 16 ransomware attacks per second.* It is more important than ever to build security into every aspect of your organization through effective risk identification, vulnerability mitigation, reliable data protection, and fulfillment of legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements. Our full range of advisory and assessment services will help meet your needs.

Cybersecurity Assessment and Assurance Services

Working With ISA Cybersecurity

Over 30 years of experience delivering cybersecurity services and solutions

Recognized as a “Major Player” by IDC MarketScape: Canadian Security Services

Specialists in security, compliance, and privacy frameworks like CMMC, NIST, NERC, SOX, CPPC, GDRP, COSO,ISO2701,ISA27001, CISSP, CISM and many more

Highly trained, certified and experienced consultants, technical architects and engineers in Canada with “Top Secret,” “Secret” and “Reliability” clearance levels

The Benefits of Our Assessment & Assurance Services

Know where you stand

Fully understand your organization's current risk posture. We’ll build a vulnerability/risk register and heatmap to help prioritize your remediation approach. Our assessment results are clearly documented in detail so you know exactly where you stand.

Improve your posture

Improve and sustain your risk mitigation efforts. We’ll prioritize the highest security risks and begin planning initiatives to mitigate them. Our experts will make sure you adhere to your corporate and industry compliance objectives and standards, and create a clear action plan for cybersecurity improvement.

Meet your business goals by aligning your cyber initiatives to support them

Shape and scope security investment decisions that align with your business goals. We’ll reduce your risk of data breaches, business disruptions, regulatory fines, and costly litigation - all while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Our Approach to Cybersecurity Assessments


We streamline the interview and fact-finding process to efficiently develop an understanding of your known threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. We’ll blend the findings with resources from our industry experience and top threat intelligence to complete the picture of your current cybersecurity landscape.


Our experts then assess your current cybersecurity posture against potential risks and threats. We match your existing defenses against the scope, likelihood, and impact of a cyber incident. Then we evaluate the effectiveness of your programs and policies against industry and technology best practices.


Upon thorough evaluation of your programs and policies, we’ll create a clear and compelling action plan to improve your cybersecurity posture. You will know where, when, why, and how to get started. We will help you implement improvements to strengthen your cybersecurity program through consultation or managed service offerings.

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