Leading Cybersecurity Firm Launches UK Operation to Fight Growing Cyber Crime

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ISA Cybersecurity brings its renowned Detection, Response and Recovery Services to the UK to help businesses and insurers combat the country’s growing cyber threats. 

The award-winning firm has opened its first operation in London to support its growing transatlantic client base, as well as offer its outstanding Detection, Response and Recovery Services and Managed Security Services (MSS) to the UK market.

A recent warning from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on the growing threat of statesponsored attacks targeting critical infrastructure highlights the predominance of cyber crime. This comes in addition to the NCSC renewing its warning about the acute threat posed by ransomware in the UK. With cybersecurity breaches costing companies an average of nearly £3.5M,1 and with more than one third of CISOs reporting board-level concern about the impact of downtime after a cyber attack,2  Detection, Response and Recovery Services and MSS are fundamental to protecting UK businesses and assets.  

ISA Cybersecurity is regarded as a go-to name in the Canadian cybersecurity industry. Named a “Major Player” in the latest IDC MarketScape for Canadian Security Services, and Partner of the Year by SentinelOne in 2022 and 2023, they help some of the country’s largest businesses and publicsector institutions secure their digital assets through a combination of outstanding service delivery and technology integrations.  

With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, ISA Cybersecurity has been in business for over 32 years and is solely focused on cybersecurity. Leveraging its 24/7/365 security operations centre (SOC), ISA Cybersecurity’s UK operation will benefit from round-the-clock support, AI and ML-enhanced threat detection, and the technical expertise necessary to stay ahead of the latest threats, help customers to protect their businesses and, where needed, to restore business operations.

ISA Cybersecurity’s UK operation will be led by newlyappointed Regional Director, Suleyman Salih. With an impressive career in the UK cybersecurity industry, Suleyman brings a wealth of local experience in Detection, Response and Recovery Services and MSS, and understands the unique strengths that ISA Cybersecurity brings to enhance the security offering in the UK. 

“ISA Cybersecurity is a very well-respected name and has a strong foothold in Canada, which is quite rightly recognised as one of the leading global cybersecurity markets with some of the best talent in the world,” observed Suleyman from ISA Cybersecurity’s London office. I see a great opportunity for the company’s cyber expertise to significantly add to the way in which we protect UK businesses and public sector institutions. By its very nature, cybersecurity is a constantly evolving, global issue. Being able to bring an international perspective and intelligence to the UK market is a significant benefit.” 

Commenting on the launch, ISA Cybersecurity’s President & CEO Kevin Dawson added, “Expanding our operation to the UK is a natural progression in our company’s growth. Our connections in the UK are already strong and we have a growing number of partners and customers who have a major presence here. As their trusted partner, we want to be able to continue to support them to the highest standard.   

Gerard Dunphy, ISA Cybersecurity’s Offering Leader for Detection, Response and Recovery Services, added, “Being a pureplay cybersecurity firm is a significant benefit for our customers. That focus enables us to attract top talent and keep abreast of the fast-paced and evolving cyber landscape. I’m thrilled to be part of a company whose growth and prosperity means that more and more private and public sector institutions are enabled to succeed – securely.”

About ISA Cybersecurity:

ISA Cybersecurity is a global leading cybersecurity-focused company, with over three decades of experience providing customers with advisory and technical services on complex and evolving issues related to cybersecurity. Their vision is to help create a world in which everyone is safe from cyber threats. They are recognized by IDC MarketScape as a Major Player in Canadian Security Services, with offices in Canada and the UK, and a world-class, 24/7/365, SOC 2 Type II security operations centre. Learn more at  www.isacybersecurity.com.



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