ISA announces a new management team

Although we are still shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of our founder, leader and friend, we will honour Rick’s legacy and his wishes to grow and strengthen ISA. Hence, the ownership team has ratified a plan which will best position the company for a smooth transition and future growth.  Effective immediately, the role of President/CEO has been formally transferred to Kevin Dawson.  Kevin will also maintain his previous role and the responsibilities of Vice President, Sales. In addition to the role of Vice President, Technology Solutions, Val Serebryanny will take on the additional roles and responsibilities of Secretary and Treasurer of the company.

Over the company’s 22 years, ISA’s business plans and practices have included safeguards to protect our employees and the organization’s finances. Rick’s effective succession planning will enable the current management team to quickly assume and succeed in its new role.  Thanks to Rick’s deft leadership and the skills of the remaining executives, ISA continues to be a strong and financially stable company on track for record sales and profits for 2014. We will also continue to execute our expansion efforts as planned.

We look forward to continue offering the same level of quality solutions and services that our reputation and success is based on and working with our existing and new clients for many years to come.


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