Digital Forensics & Incident Response Services

No network is impervious to attack – even yours. 
That’s why ISA Cybersecurity offers two cyber incident services to help reduce your risk.

Common Threats

ISA Cybersecurity can help you prepare and respond to these common threats to your systems, staff, and customer data.

 Malware attack
 Ransomware attack
 Denial of service (DDoS) attack

Phishing attack
 Business email compromise (BEC)

Web application attack
Vulnerability exploit by hackers

Unauthorized access
Privileged access compromise
Data breach and exfiltration


Our Cyber Incident Preparedness Advisory Services can help evaluate and improve your defenses to help prepare you to handle a crisis quickly and effectively. Working with your internal teams, we explore your defensive posture and cybersecurity program to confirm your areas of strength, and highlight areas of improvement in a clear, actionable report. 

We offer a suite of advisory services that fit your specific needs and budget:

Penetration tests
Response playbook development
Vulnerability assessments
Incident response plan development
⦁ Comprehensive preparedness assessments 
 Moderated tabletop exercises 


Actionable findings​: Clear, prioritized recommendations give you the guidance to start making key improvements right away. Your tests and reports are customized to your environment, and expertly mapped to industry standards and best practices.

Improved security posture: Implementing the recommended tactics and strategies will improve your compliance posture, and strengthen your trust relationship with staff, customers, partners, and investors.


Faced with a cyber incident? ISA Cybersecurity has 24x7x365 Incident Response Services that will help you respond quickly to minimize the damage of a cyber attack. Our experts will help identify, contain, and eradicate a cyber threat, and evaluate any lingering system impacts. Most importantly, we assess the extent of any potential data breaches, even offering dark web monitoring services to watch for unauthorized exposure.

Our innovative, cost-saving retainer programs are unique in the industry and provide peace of mind: if you don’t experience a cyber breach during your retainer period, you may convert those unused hours into other ISA Cybersecurity professional services of your choosing. Your investment is always protected!



Peace of mind: Our 24x7x365 response and support teams provide fast containment of an attack, limiting damage and exposure, and accelerating recovery efforts.

Local expertise: Based in Canada, our cyber experts use sophisticated digital forensics techniques and industry-leading diagnostic tools throughout the investigation, analysis, and follow-up. Our findings can help you strengthen your defenses against future attack.


Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our Incident Response whitepaper. Access the report here.

Whitepaper: The Six Stages of a Successful Incident Response

The complexity of modern computer systems, coupled with the sophistication and relentlessness of cyber attackers, has made cyber incidents a matter of “when”, not “if”. 

Today, companies must have an incident response procedure prepared in advance or face the substantial – potentially existential – financial and reputational risks that come with being unprepared.

Whitepaper Cover: The Six Stages of a Successful Incident Response

Incident Response Readiness Service

ISA Cybersecurity was proud to present Incident Response 360 – a panel discussion which featured an all-star lineup of experts that provided a 360-degree view of incident response to a cybersecurity attack on a business. From legal to insurance to communications to cybersecurity technical experts, managing a cybersecurity incident is a major team effort!

We talked about best practices and emerging trends for businesses in dealing with an attack, and an audience Q&A followed the discussion. 

Connect with an ISA Cybersecurity expert to discuss the incident response readiness service that’s right for you.

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