Cyber Management Consulting

The complexities of managing enterprise cyber initiatives can be overwhelming. The pace of change, scope of projects, competing priorities, and lack of experienced resources can conspire to stall progress and increase risk.

Experienced, unbiased and professional, our Cyber Management Consulting (CMC) practice can help you understand, prioritize and address your cyber risks, letting you confidently move forward in maturing your cyber programs.

Our Mission

Confidently move forward in maturing your cyber programs

Our mission is to help you deal with the overarching aspects of cyber governance, risk, compliance, privacy, and assurance, as well as strategy, architecture, and planning. Our team of accomplished associates brings decades of experience from working in some of the most complex environments in the private and public sectors, helping some of the biggest names in media, finance, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, critical infrastructure, and more.​

Solutions to Today's Complex Cyber Challenges

Compliance and regulation – We can help you select and adopt international cybersecurity program standards like ISO 27001 ISMS, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and the Information Security Forum (ISF) standards. Or we can combine the best of the “security control objective” standards (broad set of ISO 27000 series, NIST SP-800 series, CSA CCM, CoBIT, PCI, etc.) to fit your unique regulatory environment.​

Digital transformation – Our experts can provide the skills and resources to help you design and deploy the privacy and security requirements of your tech transformation.

Consolidation & Cost Containment – Our breadth of knowledge across technologies and platforms helps you identify and leverage opportunities to consolidate vendors and systems, maximizing your cyber investment

Managing business change – Facing a merger, moving into new markets, experiencing significant growth, or re-shaping operations in a post-COVID world? We can help you identify risk, justify investment, and design programs and solutions to support you in today’s most dynamic environments.​

Risk mitigation – Internal and external threats are more complex and pervasive than ever. Using our extensive real-world experience in major private and public sector initiatives, we will help you understand, prioritize, and address those risks to your clients, reputation, and bottom line.​

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our Incident Response whitepaper. Access the report here.

Our Areas of Expertise

Governance Risk & Compliance

  • • Cyber Program Development​
  • • Privacy Program Development​
  • • Virtual CISO (vCISO)​
  • • Maturity and Gap Analysis​
  • • Control Objective Frameworks​
  • • Policies and Standards Development​
  • • Risk Decisioning and Options Analysis​
  • • Risk, Compliance, and Performance Reporting

Assurance Services

  • • Architecture Review​
  • • Audit​
  • • Business Impact Assessment (BIA)​
  • • Controls Assessment
  • • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)​
  • • Rainbow Testing​
  • • Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA)​
  • • Third Party/Supply Chain Security Risk Assessment

Architecture & Engineering

  • • AI/ML/RPA Consultation​
  • • Architecture Assessment​
  • • Architecture Development​
  • • Controls Configuration​
  • • Engineering Implementation​
  • • Options Analysis​
  • • Process Development​
  • • RFP Development​
  • • Strategy​
  • • Zero Trust/SASE Environments

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