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With a growing remote workforce and forced adoption of cloud native approach, today’s businesses run less secure. Together, ISA Cybersecurity’s flexible services and McAfee’s scalable solutions, protect your data wherever it goes, from end user devices all the way through to your cloud applications. Get your free and confidential MVISION Cloud Security Risk Assessment today.

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Unlock your free MVISION Cloud Security Risk Assessment and gain a clear picture into the organization’s cloud security risk posture and vulnerabilities. ISA Cybersecurity and McAfee experts will share actionable insights to drive better business results and secure your business as the organization adopts cloud services.

Case Study

Cybersecurity for Leading
Ontario Hospital Network

Learn how ISA Cybersecurity’s services and McAfee’s solutions delivered advanced protection, detection, and remediation from cyber threats for a leading Ontario Hospital Network. The client needed a no-hassle procurement and integrated solution to proactively defend against the evolving and escalating attacks targeting healthcare facilities.

Today's Cyber Threats

Cyber threats have risen 630%

Since the global pandemic forced the adoption of a cloud-native approach, threats have risen 630% with industries like education seeing a 1114% increase in cloud threats. With the remote workforce, companies are more vulnerable than ever to cyber threats. Learn more about the evolving cybersecurity landscape and how your industry has been affected.

Sixty Years of Cybersecurity Expertise

ISA Cybersecurity & McAfee have a combined 60+ years of innovation, practical application, and collaboration which organizations and governments have come to trust.

As McAfee’s longest standing Platinum Canadian partner, ISA Cybersecurity has been redefining the security landscape with McAfee to overcome security challenges of the digital age and to make the connected world more secure.

As a testament to our synergetic efforts to protect your organization at every layer of the security stack, ISA Cybersecurity has specialized in over 20 McAfee Solutions and has won several McAfee Partner of the Year awards.

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