Transforming Security: The Changing Role of Identity

In today’s world, network access is no longer restricted by time, location, or device. The traditional security perimeters have vanished. Now, identity stands as the keystone for accessing resources and services. Organizations that fail to recognize the change in the landscape are at serious risk. In fact, 90% of organizations in a 2024 survey reported […]

Unveiling Hidden Threats: Proactive Strategies to Safeguard Your Supply Chain from Cyber Attacks

About the Author Ruchir Kumar is our Senior Director, Architecture and Protection. He is a globally-respected cyber leader with over 15 years of experience successfully delivering advisory and implementation engagements across North America, Europe and Asia. He brings a unique blend of consulting and industry experience, with successes spanning across diverse industry sectors (e.g., Crown/federal […]

The Top 6 Security Awareness Training Program KPIs and Metrics

About the author: Huda Ali has a passion for security awareness. In her role as Protection Services Team Lead at ISA Cybersecurity, she guides her team in delivering compelling security awareness programs for internal and external stakeholders alike. Her leadership abilities, proven teamwork skills, and extensive cybersecurity experience combine to help our customers develop a […]

SIEM vs. XDR: What’s Right for You?

security operations team sitting in SOC reviewing work

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) are two technology solutions at the forefront of any conversation about cybersecurity. But what’s the difference between SIEM and XDR, which one is right for you, and how do you best implement them? In this article, we demystify these technologies to help you […]

My ALS Story by Mark Kirton

Image of Mark Kirton at this computer

Every young boy growing up in the prairies, skating on a frozen pond, dreams of playing for the NHL.   I lived that dream from 1978 to 1988, playing for Toronto, Detroit and Vancouver.  I still remember stepping on the ice that first shift in Toronto, and when I scored a goal, I swear my feet […]

6 Strategies to Help Reduce the Scope of Compliance

Limiting the scope of cybersecurity compliance requirements is a crucial strategy for organizations to manage costs, complexity, and risk effectively. Here are six strategies for maintaining the privacy and security of your sensitive data in a pragmatic way. Security by design By observing security by design principles before implementing systems, organizations can significantly reduce cybersecurity […]

Vulnerability neutralized: Safeguarding Canadian Retail Against Cyber Threats PART TWO

In part two of a two-part series, we speak to Gerard Dunphy, ISA Cybersecurity’s Offering Leader – Detection, Response & Recovery, to share his insights on retail cybersecurity. Gerard is one of Canada’s foremost experts on managing cyber incidents and has been involved in the recovery efforts after some of the country’s highest-profile cyber attacks. […]

Using NIST CSF v2.0 as a Security Springboard

Normally, an update to a cybersecurity regulation or standard isn’t seen as a cause for celebration in many organizations. If your compliance goals are solely to meet regulatory requirements, then an update introduces new requirements. And that means more time, effort, and resources will be required. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is a bit different. […]

Vulnerability neutralized: Safeguarding Canadian Retail Against Cyber Threats

The doors are locked, the systems are down, and business has come to a halt – it’s the fear all Canadian retailers face. And when a cyber attack succeeds, we all feel the impact. Cybersecurity in the Canadian retail sector has again made headlines in recent weeks with the attack on London Drugs. But before […]


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