Establishing Cybersecurity ROI

Four Steps to Defining Cybersecurity ROI Ever faced these chilling words from your boss or the board when proposing a cybersecurity investment: “What’s the ROI?” When trying to justify a new security tool or service, additional headcount, process change, or bigger budget, the topic of Return On Investment (ROI) will come up. It always does. […]

Compliance and Regulation Changes in 2024

The four top compliance changes heading your way in 2024 – and how to manage them 2024 looks to be a landmark year for changes to the compliance and regulatory environment. ISA Cybersecurity’s Nitin Bedi discusses the changes that could have the greatest impact on your operations, and provides some practical advice on how to […]

ISA Cybersecurity named one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for 2024

ISA Cybersecurity is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for 2024! Organized by MediaCorp Canada Inc., the annual Greater Toronto’s Top Employers competition recognizes employers with outstanding workplace environments and forward-thinking human resources policies. Each year, employers are evaluated on eight criteria: (1) workplace; (2) work […]

Determining How to Allocate Your Cybersecurity Budget

Protecting What Matters: Determining How to Allocate Your Cybersecurity Budget How to spend your next cyber dollar is a question you’ve asked yourself, and has likely been asked by your leadership team. The answer to that question should actually be straightforward: if it isn’t, then you should be reflecting on your entire cyber maturity program – not just deciding on which purchase order to […]

Strategies to Defend Against the 15 Common Cyber Attack Vectors

15 Cyber threats

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of today’s digital age, where individuals and organizations are susceptible to cyber attacks. As we rely more on technology, cyber attacks become increasingly prevalent, and attackers continue to find new methods to exploit systems. In 2022 alone, Canada saw a 20% increase in cyber attacks[1], while the global numbers increased […]

ISA Cybersecurity named one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for 2023

Top Employer award

ISA Cybersecurity is proud to announce that we have been named as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for the second year in a row. The honour is a result of a national competition that identifies employers in the SMB space that foster outstanding workplace environments, forward-thinking human resources policies, and lead the […]

Time to Rally the Retail Troops: A Guide to Strengthening Cybersecurity in Retail

A Guide to Strengthening Cybersecurity in Retail

Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for retailers, now more than ever. While some retailers were among the early adopters in the evolution of e-commerce in the 2000s, the pandemic accelerated digital transformation right across the board in the retail industry. According to a Retail Data Threat Report by Thales, over 70% of U.S. retailers […]

Education Under Cyber Attack

education under cyber attack

Six FAQs about what’s happening, why, and what we can do about it 1. Why are schools under cyber attack? There are several factors involved. First off, educational institutions have a wealth of sensitive data. Consider that schools hold health information, financial information, academic performance records, personal student and faculty records, and more. Further, note […]

Top 10 Tips for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Top 10 tips for healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations and their third-party suppliers are consistently among the most frequently targeted by cyber criminals, and now even nation-states. The criticality of the services provided, combined with the wealth of sensitive information held by medical organizations and the challenges in keeping systems up to date, have made healthcare breaches an all-too-frequent headline. So, what […]


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