Latest Cybersecurity News 2022-06-27 Edition

Follow ISA Cybersecurity on LinkedIn for the latest cybersecurity news Weekly CyberTip: Prepare for the long weekend As we head into a double holiday weekend (Friday, July 1 in Canada and Monday, July 4 in the United States), remember that threat actors don’t take time off like we do. Be extra vigilant for phishing scams […]

Latest Cybersecurity News 2022-06-20 Edition

Follow ISA Cybersecurity on LinkedIn for the latest cybersecurity news Weekly CyberTip: Secure your printers too! According to a January 2022 report from Quocirca, 68% of organizations surveyed have experienced data losses due to unsecure printing practices. You can reduce your risk by keeping the software and firmware on your printers patched as promptly as […]

Latest Cybersecurity News 2022-06-13 Edition

Follow ISA Cybersecurity on LinkedIn for the latest cybersecurity news Weekly CyberTip: Don’t send sensitive personal data over email Never use regular email to transmit personal or confidential information. Emails can be forwarded or copied – either deliberately or accidentally – and may not offer adequate encryption or other security controls to protect sensitive information. […]

Lessons Learned From The Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

lessons learned from the colonial pipeline cyber attacks

It has been less than two months since a DarkSide ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline caused a significant disruption to key infrastructure in the United States. Here are five lessons that oil & gas – and other energy concerns – can take from the incident:  Lesson 1: The importance of system monitoring The hackers launched their attack in the early hours of May 7, exfiltrating some 100GB of […]

Colossal Kaseya ransomware attack affecting companies around the world

person types on a computer keyboard

On July 2, threat actors launched a cyber attack against users of IT management software company Kaseya’s “VSA” remote monitoring and management application. The hackers compromised the VSA application and used it as a springboard to deploy REvil/Sodinokibi ransomware on some VSA users.  One security researcher has characterized the incident as a “colossal and devastating supply chain attack”. According to the Washington Post, “because […]

Latest Cybersecurity News 2021-05-17 Edition

person welding oil pipeline

Follow ISA Cybersecurity on LinkedIn for the latest cybersecurity news Latest news on Colonial Pipeline cyber attack   Background: On May 6, a cyber attack from the Russian-based threat actor group “DarkSide” caused the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, a 5500-mile oil transfer system that runs from Texas to New Jersey. The pipeline provides some 45% of the oil supplies used on the U.S. east coast, […]

Cyber risk in an Internet of Things world

person using computer near green circuit board

World IoT Day April 9, 2021 is World IoT Day. This special day on the calendar is an opportunity for everyone in the “Internet of Things” (IoT) community to recognize and celebrate how this technology is transforming our personal and professional lives. Conceived by the IoT Council in 2010, World IoT Day has gathered much […]

Food Production IoT Cyber Threats

A vertical in food processing and manufacturing consists of several players, including electrical systems, waste treatment, water, and equipment vendors. The collaborators play an essential role in meeting food demands for a global population that is perpetually on the rise. Currently, tech companies provide an automated platform for recording activities on food production systems to […]

Food Processing and Manufacturing Cybersecurity


With the rising complexity and frequency of cyberattacks today, an array of data security risks threatens the food processing and manufacturing sector, which could impact food security. The current world population is 7.8 billion, according to the recent United Nations estimates. The human population will increase to 8 billion in 2023 and 10 billion in […]


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