Top 10 Tips for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Top 10 tips for healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations and their third-party suppliers are consistently among the most frequently targeted by cyber criminals, and now even nation-states. The criticality of the services provided, combined with the wealth of sensitive information held by medical organizations and the challenges in keeping systems up to date, have made healthcare breaches an all-too-frequent headline. So, what […]

A buyer’s guide for choosing the best SIEM for your business

buyer guide for SIEM

A brief history Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) technologies have been around for decades. They were originally designed to bring order to the chaos of security and event alerts generated by the ever-increasing number of IT systems in production environments. Technical staff find it complex enough monitoring alarms on a single file server – […]

How to Get Board Buy-in for Cybersecurity Investment

board buy-in cybersecurity investment

Even in today’s climate of constant threat of cyber attack, IT professionals may still encounter challenges in getting the cybersecurity message across to their board of directors. Here are some strategies for helping to raise visibility, awareness, and support for cybersecurity initiatives at your organization. Preparation While your exposure to the board may be limited […]

Three ways AI and ML can improve cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) aren’t just buzz words anymore – they are key components of today’s cybersecurity landscape. Why? The rate of change in technology, the volumes of data involved, and sophistication of attackers – coupled with the well-documented global shortage of cybersecurity talent – have made it essential to leverage modern […]

How to adapt to the Great Cyber Reset

How to adapt to the Great Cyber Reset

Written by Phil Armstrong, President & CEO, Macanthium Ventures In the beginning… When computers were first introduced as strategic business tools, we operated a rather medieval architecture to protect our corporate assets and customer data. We built a perimeter around our data centre “castle” and funneled all inbound and outbound digital interactions across an electronic […]

Top 10 Cyber Safe Shopping Tips

laptop with cart and shopping boxes

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the highlights of one of the busiest online shopping seasons of the year. Whether you’re making holiday purchases or simply looking for a great deal this November, make sure you stay cyber safe. Here are the top 10 tips for protecting your personal and financial information this year: 1. […]

9 Cybersecurity Tips for National Seniors Day

National Seniors Day 2021

Seniors are finding themselves swept into the digital world, whether they like it or not. Some embrace technology, others tolerate it, while still others find it an intimidating and incomprehensible world. Situations in which the “admin” spouse becomes ill or passes away leaves the surviving spouse struggling. While pandemic restrictions are finally being relaxed, remote […]

Introducing ISA Cybersecurity’s New Logo and Brand Identity

It is not like picking what to have for breakfast. Or what shoes to wear. Or whether to have a walk down at the waterfront, or go through the park instead.  No, this decision will last for years. The decision? Our new corporate logo.  Since starting at ISA two years ago, one of my goals as Marketing Director […]


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